Longwall Moves

P.I. Technical Services staff has extensive Longwall move experience. We have key personnel of electrical, mechanical Supervisor and Trades who are capable of the following;

  • Pre-installations & Commissioning
  • Longwall Salvage
  • Longwall Installations

PI Technical Services can in addition assist with all Long wall relocation electrical requirements

  • Carry out Long wall electrical equipment pre relocation inspections/audits to assist with work scopes and budgeting.
  • Offsite coordination and if required management of electrical equipment overhauls.
  • AS3800 overhauls on Longwall system circuits and components. (Lights, DACs, Solenoids etc)
  • Statutory Testing of electrical equipment
  • Assist with site specific “Site Introduction Inspections” pre delivery or alternately post-delivery on site.
  • Complete or part electrical equipment installations and commissioning.
  • Monorail electrical auditing, recoveries, testing, repairs, installs and commissioning